Kashiwagi is the Wartime Kabuki Robot used by Baron in order to stop Goemon and Ebisumaru in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

Impact is ready to be summoned!


  • Kabuki hand: typical Kabuki attack made with a hand. It will cause Impact a damage for 60 oil units. The hit can be avoided with a strong punch or something more powerful.
  • Wooden slap: Kashiwagi uses his wooden "shields" to hurt Impact twice. Every hit damages Impact for 40 oil units, but you can prevent them with a strong punch or something more powerful.
  • Standard projectiles: the Kabuki robot raises his arms and throws four black projectiles, for a damage of 20 oil units each. Hitting them with the light punch, the peril will be avoided.
  • Umbrella projectiles: the enemy shows a sort of wings, and makes a flight in front of you. After the artistic performance, four or five black umbrellas float towards Impact. They cause you a damage of 20 oil units each. The way to avoid the hurt is the same: hitting them with the light punch. With a super punch, however, you'll be sure to destroy them all!
  • Power of Kabuki flowers: Kashiwagi raises a pink wall made of flowers, and sum
    Kashiwagi power

    Power of Kabuki flowers

    mon an image of its-self, made of pink flowers too. The pink-Kabuki will try to hit you using the "wooden slap" tecnique, for three or four times. You can only protect yourself. If your power is full, however, you can release a laser ray that will free you from the pink wall and will hurt Kashiwagi too, causing it a damage of 400 hit points.
    Kashiwagi's Hand

    Kabuki hand


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Soundtrack - Kashiwagi (Boss Theme)01:41

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Soundtrack - Kashiwagi (Boss Theme)

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