Mutsu shoreline

Mutsu shoreline

This coastal area is a link between the Mt. Fear and Ugo, but underwater there is another gate: it will lead Yae far from the coast: in the open Sea of Japan.


A palisade wall designs the land-border, rocks design the water-border. The snow falls continously, and the gorund is white, excepted the tiny road for Ugo. The sea is suddenly deep, and you wuold find a red button underwater: that's the way to unlock the gate for the freezing water of the Sea of Japan. There's a wall trough the rocks, too, that seems to be a dig, but it's very useless for the game.


Underwater you won't find any foe, but on the land there are more bombs falling than snowflakes: there are five or six bomber birds. Watch out!


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Soundtrack - Mutsu02:11

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Soundtrack - Mutsu

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